Sand Free Nylon Beach Blanket

  • $19.99

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Have you ever found yourself at the beach or attending a picnic but had nowhere comfortable to sit? Or better yet, ever get back from the beach with so much sand in your towel that you wonder if there is even any sand left at the beach? Don't worry we have the perfect solution for you!

Finally there is a solution that you're going to love! Introducing the 6' x 7' sand free ripstop nylon blanket that is designed to fix these problems. The nylon provides an extremely soft barrier between you and the ground, is water repellent and guarantees the sand stays exactly where it belongs-- sand won't stick to it!

Simply unfold it from the pouch, stake down with the included stakes and enjoy your relaxation zone. 

So now, after a great day you're ready to clean up and head back home; normally this is where things turn south. No matter how hard you try, the sand is usually insistent on coming home with you. This is where you are going to fall in love! A simple brush or shake and every last grain of sand will be back on the beach where it belongs! Then just fold it back into the 8"x 4" pouch and you're ready to go. Just like that, we fixed the worst part of any beach day for you and your friends.  Enjoy!</p>

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