Festival Guide

8 Essentials To Pack for a Summer Music Festival

1. Trustworthy Tent
The few hours you spend at the camping site is during the night you better can make worth your while. A great tent is a good start.

2. Earplugs
While you’re good night of sleep you can cancel out the noise or when you are listening to your favourite artist to protect you’re hearing Earplugs are your best friend.

3. Water
A good jug of water is essential to survive the heat. You can refill a bottle of water. Not only to drink but also to brush your teeth and wash you’re hair.

4. Toiletries
While you’r partying all night long, personal care is one to watch. Bring a toothbrush, your first aid kit and in just to be sure bring some toilet paper.

5. Sunglasses
While spending your time outside in the sun at your summer festivals. You can easily take care of yourself with a pair of sunglasses.

6. Solar Phone Charger
If you must use your phone at a festival, then don’t waste hours of your time queuing for the charging tent. Just use a solar phone charger.

7. Bluetooth Speaker
Enjoying the festival and organize an afterparty at the camping site? Bring a speakerbox to the camping site

8. Awesome Airbed
Easy to carry and inflate – and make a world of difference. Turn four days of hard-partying interspersed with sleeping on a cold, hard floor into feeling like an absolute great one with an airbed.