Outdoor Military Style Tactical Backpack

  • $29.99

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Whether you’re going camping or surviving the zombie apocalypse, this Military Style Tactical Backpack has a 20-36 Liter capacity.

Take advantage of the interior slot pocket, cell phone pocket, interior zipper pocket, and more.

With this pack you get nothing but the best: the best backpacks have durable, versatile designs that hold up over time, ensuring that you never find yourself losing supplies due to a rip in your pack. Your backpack should hold its shape no matter how packed it is, and have the support for additional modules, in case you find yourself needing to carry more supplies than you can hold. The best bags also need to be comfortable, allowing your skin to breathe in hot temperatures while still firmly resting against you to insulate against the cold.

To meet your need for a versatile, comfortable bag, LDSman.com's Outdoor Military Style Tactical Backpack is a fantastic tool to take with you under any circumstances. The bag is built to carry up to 20 liters of gear, and features 4 zip-up pockets (plus an additional internal zip-up pouch), 4 pouches of various sizes, and makes use of a highly durable nylon mesh. This military-style mesh stops wear and tear over time, preventing holes and helping the bag keep its shape, even when packed full.

The Tactical Backpack also features integrated MOLLE strap supports on its back, creating a nearly endless array of options for additional modules. The shoulder straps sport sewn-in hook areas, allowing you to attach water bottles or additional pouches to the bag. The bag also has several large areas suited to insulate and store water bladders of any size, or other, similarly-sized objects like laptops or notebooks. There’s even an adjustable harness for storing a sleeping bag or bedroll!

Also included is an integrated “breathing” padded mesh on both the shoulders and back area. This breathable mesh is designed to keep your cool in high temperatures, and provide a cushion between your supplies and body while still keeping the bag snug against you. In the case of heavier bags, adjustable shoulder, chest, and hip belts can help better distribute the bag’s weight around your body.

Whatever you’re preparing your backpack for, the LDSman.com Outdoor Military Style Tactical Backpack will be an ideal choice to store your supplies. Featuring unparalleled versatility, durability and comfort, this bag is a fantastic choice to pack for any scenario.


20-Liter capacity / 1220.7 Cubic Inches
Built from 600D Nylon
Manageably small (17” x 9” x 9”) external dimensions
Internal pouch for holding water bladders or laptops up to 14” tall
Integrated MOLLE straps on the back of the bag for holding smaller modules
Hooks on front bag straps, with snap-hooks on the top of the bag for holding a bedroll or sleeping bag
Adjustable, padded straps provide better and more breathable comfort

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